Judas by Pepper Choplin – Tonic solfa

Judas by Pepper Choplin
Judas by Pepper Choplin - Tonic solfa

Words and music: Pepper Choplin

Transcribed by: Kimbi Ian Afor

4 4, Key C

Ensemble: Choir

Voicing: SATB

Page count: 1


Judas by Pepper Choplin Lyrics

Judas Judas Judas Judas 

Where (Judas) have you been tonight,

We (Judas) wonder where you might have gone (Judas)

What is that in your face?, we think we see a trace of guilt or disgrace 

is it shame or is it hat o Judas Judas?

With torches, they appear, How could you bring them here, O Judas Judas? How could you come to this? you betray him with a kiss, with your kiss of treachery, and your kiss will surely lead to his death. Judas Judas.

Now what is left?

Can you live with yourself

and know when you served who you loved whom you lived for,

and know what you did when you betrayed whom you sent to die?

Judas Judas Judas Judas Judas

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