Minatus Daniel Unudia

Minatus Daniel Unudia

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Minatus Daniel Unudia

Minatus Daniel Unudia is native of Udung Usotai in Eyo-Abasi group of villages, Oron, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. He was born on Sunday 11th February 1996 into the family of Mr./Mrs. Daniel Patrick Unudia.

He is a Choirmaster and a Composer with knowledge on both Orthodox and Contemporary Music. He is a devoted born Catholic who has served as music director (MD) in other denominations as Dominion City in Port Harcourt (Rivers State) and Reality of Faith Ministries in Owerri (Imo State)

He has been a Music Teacher in various Secondary Institutions with remarkable results. Because of his occupation as a music teacher, he has acquired fundamental knowledge on many musical instruments (to help guide students when making choices of Musical Instruments to learn) but his major musical instruments are piano, violin and trumpet.

He is the current Choirmaster General of St. Joseph’s Catholic Cathedral, Ilorin (Kwara State)


Mail: minatusunudia63@gmail.com

Phone/WhatsApp: +2348025976840

Facebook: Minatus Unudia (MinaPraiz)

Choral Works

Minatus Daniel Unudia is the composer of a litany of beautiful choral works. Here are some of them.

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